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In this episode, Richard is following up on the previously posted “Bullish Patterns on Gold – EUR Stronger – Investors looking at YEN” article, and continuing the views he share during the “The World Cup NFP! – LIVE” webinar. Richard is also backing his volatility spike theory, previously posted with the “Trade War Sentiment – Volatility Spik...

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Today we're looking at the Dow Jones (US30), and breaking down the time-frames and highlighting while looking to sell into rallies over a medium term outlook!

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Running through the US Equities with Orbex 16/04/18

In this installment PIA-First will be running through the US Equities for the week starting on the 16th of April. [shortcode-variables slug="act_tradeideas"] Disclaimer: This material is intended for marketing/information purposes  only and does not contain, and should not be construed as containing; an attempt of solicitation for any tran...

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