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Trade tariffs

Orbex Market Flash

While the issue of the trade war between the US and China has dominated news flow this year, July was the first month in which it became a reality with US tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese goods going live. However, despite the tariffs,… Read More

Weekly Metals Wrap

Gold Gold prices were softer this week, but only just, managing to rally up off initial lows on the week as the US Dollar traded lower. The weakness in USD came in response to a report that President Trump told the Wall Street Journal he… Read More

Fed Statement Encourages USD Bulls

Growth “Strong” As expected, following the last .25% rate rise in June, the Fed kept policy unchanged at its August meeting with a statement that was mostly unchanged from last time. However, the statement did contain a few subtle but… Read More

Weekly Commodities Wrap

Gold After suffering consecutive weeks of declines over the last month, the yellow metal was able to rebound higher this week as safe haven inflows saw steady demand. With the market bracing for the implementation of bilateral US/ Chinese… Read More