Weekly Analysis of the FX Majors 21.05.18

In this Weekly Analysis of the FX Majors 21.05.18 from PIA-First we are looking into the Dollar Index and the FX Majors. Highlighting support and resistance levels and where PIA-First things the currencies will be heading this week. [shortcode-variables slug="go2_tradeideas"]  

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Patterns at decisive levels

The charts are showing, from a technical analysis standpoint with patterns at decisive levels, that the Dollar Index (DXY) could be heading towards significant levels. USD has been enjoying an impressive bullish rally for an entire month, a swing which was mentioned and explained in the “Is The USD Getting Stronger?” article. Is it time for ...

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Buying dips in USDJPY

Monthly: Far too early to tell but USDJPY is possibly forming a bullish reverse Head and Shoulders pattern. A break of the neckline at 127.25 is needed to confirm the breakout. We have seen a reaction higher from the 50% pullback level of 100.65 (from 75.56-125.74) Daily: We look to have completed a bearish Elliott Wave formation (5-wave ...

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Stochastics_Trading strategy

Mapping The Market Elliot Wave analysis is a form of technical analysis developed by R.N Elliot which blends traditional technical analysis with market psychology. The analysis asserts that the way in which crowd behaviour manifests itself in the markets creates clear patterns, namely waves, which reflect the ebb and flow of sentiment and can b...

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First, let's revise the  Weekly technical analysis: The current Cable’s rally is rather a function of weaker dollar than a stronger Sterling. There is nothing bullish about UK economy at the moment. This rally, in my opinion, has no fundamental support and it is likely to fade soon. GBPUSD is now trading within a major resistance and I woul...

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The last six months have seen USD/JPY fall lower and lower like there is nothing that could stop it. The rallies have been stunted and short-lived, and the declines have been cliff dives! The Japanese central bank and the Government have been trying everything in their power to put a stop to the Yen rally but no avail. But! The time is coming ...

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