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Major Economic Events 2016

Shocking, unexpected events will become a trademark of 2016. Starting from the ambiguous decision of Bank of Japan with its move into the negative rates […]

Dec 21 2016

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Standard and Poor's- Cyprus

The first long-awaited upgrade of the Cyprus economy by the rating agencies for this Fall has finally arrived with the recent upgrade from S&P by […]

Sep 20 2016

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The highly-anticipated in/out British referendum is upon us. The decision that can lead to tectonic shifts in European landscape will be taken on the 23rd […]

Jun 13 2016

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 On March 31st, 2016 the Cyprus government has officially exited the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Troika after a three-year period. During this time, Cyprus […]

Jun 03 2016

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South Korea

Most people around the world know Korea because of the threat to world stability that is posed by Kim-Jong-un, the young leader of Pyongyang, North […]

Feb 26 2016

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I participated recently in an entrepreneurial educational field trip to Athens that is organized by CIIM’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (ENTICE). This is part of […]

Feb 23 2016

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