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The Week Ahead: In Full Swing

USDCHF Faces Highly Volatile Week There is rarely any week like this one with triple risk events where extreme volatility in the US dollar is expected. Short-coverings over the past few days suggest investors’ positioning in… Read More

The Week Ahead: Job Prospect

USDCHF Struggles as Sell-Off Continues The US dollar remains under pressure following the virtual Jackson Hole conference where the Fed announced tweaks to its monetary policy. With target inflation at 2% on average, markets expect… Read More

The Week Ahead: Summer Sale

USDJPY Sinks as Hope of Swift Recovery Fades Confidence in the greenback has been shattered as the US is still grappling with a record surge in infection cases. Now that President Donald Trump has raised the possibility of delaying… Read More

The Week Ahead: Risk On, Risk Off

EURCHF Holds Steady Ahead of ECB Rate Decision The common currency has given away its early June’s gains in the wake of the ECB’s massive stimulus of €1.35 trillion. The optimism-led surge has prompted short sides to cover their… Read More