Market Afternoon Recap – November 11th

Key Notes for November 11th Australia NAB Business confidence falls to 4 BRC Retail sales monitor y/y saw retail sales flat at 0% Japan’s consumer confidence declines to 38.9 from 39.9 previous month; Economy watchers sentiment also… Read More

Dow Jones 2014-11-11

Dow Jones: 17560 Equity demand with Equity market managed to obtain drop correction with less than 10% which indicating the sustain of Long-Run uptrend wave market managed to jump fast in U.S equity after the last U.S GDP which… Read More

Gold 2014-11-11

GOLD 1154 Gold between deflation & Dollar hike market managed to activate more drop pressure over Gold after FOMC rate projections for rising interest rate next year while economic data from Europe and China showing slow down… Read More

Oil (F) 2014-11-11

Oil (Z4):76.95 Oil extend drop below 90.00 as IMF cut Global Growth Forecast market managed to add more drop pressure after the International Energy Agency predicting the lowest demand growth since 2009 market still holding drop… Read More

USDJPY 2014-11-11

USD/JPY: 115.95 Japanese Yen on uptrend wave Short-run market managed to accelerate advance as BOJ is ready to sustain Quantitative easing by buying every bonds that Government may issue in pursuing to spur Inflation in the region… Read More

GBPUSD 2014-11-11

GBP/USD: 1.5845 Pound under drop pressure Short-run market managed to spark rebound correction after U.S labor market data last friday , while short-run trading still facing resistance at 1.6020-35 zone market may give… Read More

EURUSD 2014-11-11

EUR/USD 1.2410 EURO under drop pressure market managed to spur demand for Euro as U.S Non-Farm Payroll spark rebound correction as data came last friday below expectation market so far showing resistance zone at at 1.2530-75… Read More