Oil (F) 2015-02-04

Oil (H5) 51.35 Oil tumble after OPEC decision with no supply cut Oil prices sustain drop after OPEC meeting where countries agree that no supply cut action Market managed to add more drop pressure after the International Energy… Read More

USDJPY 2015-02-04

USD/JPY: 117.40 Japanese Yen on uptrend wave Short-run market managed to obtain drop correction after testing resistance level of 120.80 market showing ability to sustain the drop correction , where as long as market holding… Read More

GBPUSD 2015-02-04

GBP/USD: 1.5210 Pound under drop pressure market managed to fell after ECB announced QE program , while market managed to break below 1.5035 which initiate new downtrend wave that may target 1.4800 as first target as long as… Read More

EURUSD 2015-02-04

EUR/USD 1.1450 Euro tumbled after ُECB Draghi announced bigger QE Euro slump after Mr. Draghi announced bigger than expected quantitative easing which placed new drop pressure over Euro market managed to rebound this week… Read More

Share your experiences with others

Share your experiences with others Many forex traders have found that seeking out the company of other traders can provide valuable psychological support as you share experiences.  In addition, sharing your experiences with other forex… Read More

Dow Jones 2015-02-03

Dow Jones: 17360 Equity on trading zone Dow managed to hit zone of 18000-100 last year which provided good zone to re-short-sell market as we advised before as long as market holding trades below 18100 will expect some drop… Read More