Women to Follow in Finance

Have you heard of the “million dollar granny,” Ingeborg Mootz? She discovered her skill at trading at the tender age of 83! Today, at 93, she not only has millions in her account, but has also written a book about how she achieved financial success. If anything, she teaches us that it is never too late to learn a skill. More importantly, she tea...

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The rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has truly captured the attention of the world and there is hardly a bar, bus, café or college cafeteria that isn’t humming with speculation and advice as the hype follows the price higher and higher. With such a huge buzz around these new, innovative currencies there are also some fantastic stories ...

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Although the crisis of 2008 has affected investors and financial professionals alike across the board, portfolios held by women during the economic crash actually ended up outperforming men by four to six percent.

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The female relationship managers are becoming more prevalent, especially in finance. Currently, United Kingdom leads by the percentage of the female relationship managers.

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Muriel Siebert was the very first woman to own a seat at the New York Stock Exchange and a very first woman to head a firm on the NYSE. She became the first female member, among 1,365 male members of the exchange on December 28, 1967. Of the 10 men she asked to sponsor her application, 9 declined. She was triumphant in the end and is remembere...

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