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Buy the rumor, sell the fact

Buy the rumor, sell the fact A somewhat counter intuitive aspect of financial markets, including the forex market, is that traders tend to react initially to rumors of an event, but then once the rumored event becomes a fact, the previous… Read More

Trading tips for the holiday season

For most traders, holiday season is a time to take a break from the charts and spend time with the family. It is therefore not surprising to find that liquidity and trading volumes generally decline during holiday seasons, especially during… Read More

Trend is your friend!

Trend is your friend! A trend is an established directional movement in an exchange rate observed over time. Many successful forex traders consider the trend to be their best friend as a trader, so they avoid trading against such a trend… Read More

Let Your Profits Run!

Let Your Profits Run! An important aspect of most successful Forex trading money management plans usually involves allowing profits on winning positions to accumulate, or run, as long as the market is moving in a favorable direction.… Read More