Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology

Trading is a profession that demands extreme control over the mind. After all, precious money is involved, which could be lost in the blink of […]

Feb 13 2018

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Psychological Challenges of Trading

Trading can be an extremely challenging endeavour. While many traders believe that the key to success simply lies in finding a profitable system and applying […]

Jan 16 2018

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improve your trading skills

Want to improve your trading skills? It’s that time of the year when resolutions are perhaps something everyone makes, regardless of whether they acknowledge it […]

Jan 04 2018

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Puzzle pieces

Statistics say that hardly 2% of traders actually make the cut. The remainders of the 98% are merely a flash in the pan. Some traders […]

Sep 13 2017

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Star sign_Trading_Friday_0206

For those of you familiar with trader psychology, you will know that there are different “trader types”. However, what you might not be familiar with […]

Jun 02 2017

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Learn How To Take Control Although trading financial markets can be incredibly rewarding, there is no doubt that it can also be extremely stressful. Indeed, […]

Apr 28 2017

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Better forex trader_poker_0302

Read ’em and Weep For those of you familiar with poker you might have noticed that many of the qualities found in good poker players […]

Feb 03 2017

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pressure_trading psychology

Originally posted by Nathan Batchelor on LittleFish FX Pressure to Trade First of all, I would like to start by saying that when I first […]

Oct 13 2016

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market shakedown

If you are passionate about forex, and closely follow the markets on a day to day basis, the chances are that you might have come […]

Sep 20 2016

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Trader's burnout

On your best days, your job will make you feel driven, motivated, and enthusiastic. You’ll wake up in the morning excited by the idea of […]

Sep 06 2016

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