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How Do I Trade Gold?

Due to its luster and malleability, Gold has been long valued by mankind as a source of investment. It has been a “safe haven” asset for ages too, we even discussed earlier today the feasibility of it being replaced by Cryptocurrencies.… Read More

An Introduction to Inflation

In terms of economic data, inflation is one of the key readings that can help traders gauge the strength of the economy and also the likely outlook and action of the relevant central bank. Inflation is generally tracked through the monthly,… Read More

Understanding Market Volatility

The forex market is a volatile place. Everyday issues around the world involving geopolitical crises, economic and business news, and natural disasters, drive the markets up and down causing market volatility. Most of the time, investors… Read More

Easy Tips for Forex Beginners

If you’re a newcomer to the forex market, the sheer amount of information and strategies on the internet might seem overwhelming. The key is to take it slow and start with the basics. Here’s a list of tips for forex beginners to keep in… Read More