We're going to be looking at the GBPCHF and taking a buy trade in this cross currency. We're going to break down the time frames and then highlight why we have come to this conclusion. [shortcode-variables slug="go2_tradeideas"]

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Today we're looking at the Dow Jones (US30), and breaking down the time-frames and highlighting while looking to sell into rallies over a medium term outlook!

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Breaking down the time-frames does highlight mixed views. Offering a decent risk-rewards for a medium term outlook as well as on an intraday basis. PIA believes that the correction is towards to upside. Check out the video to see the USDCAD trade idea! [shortcode-variables slug="act_tradeideas"]

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In this video by PIA-First we're looking at the FTSE (UK100). Giving a drilldown to the shorter term time-frames, from the monthly to give you a full overview The UK equities are being undermined by the weakness in housing and brexit etc.

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With Trump and Kim meeting this Tuesday, UK Unemployment rate, US CPI, UK CPI, FOMC meeting, ECB meeting, the BOJ monetary policy meeting and so much more this week, what could be in store for the FXMajors? [shortcode-variables slug="go2_tradeideas"]  

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In today's trade idea from PIA-First we will be looking at the EURGBP and breaking down the time frames. PIA are looking at taking a counter trend trade in the cross currency! 12:41 16/06/2018 With the outlook no longer clearly bullish, we look to cancel the trade idea  

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After quite a sustained sell-off, PIA-First is looking at the scope for continued losses of the EURJPY and a potential bounce! [shortcode-variables slug="registerfornfpwebinar_1"]  

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As the FX Week gets going, PIA-First breaks down the FX Majors from the 28.05.2018 to analyse what is in store for the currency pairs in the week to come! [shortcode-variables slug="nfpwebinar-all-currencies-affected"] Breaking down the currency pairs, starting first with the Dollar Index, we break down time-frames to look at what formatio...

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In our newest trade Idea from PIA-First we're look at the Aussie Dollar! After seeing mixed trading and volatility over a long period of time, PIA-First is looking at a AUDUSD Medium-Term Call. 9:45 04/06/2018 The move to 0.7640 triggered our short trade 12:39 16/06/2018 Selling has been posted. We now look to adjust the stop to 0.7630 and...

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In this Weekly Analysis of the FX Majors 21.05.18 from PIA-First we are looking into the Dollar Index and the FX Majors. Highlighting support and resistance levels and where PIA-First things the currencies will be heading this week. [shortcode-variables slug="go2_tradeideas"]  

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