Join The Retail Trading Boom The number of people trading Forex from home has exploded over the last ten years. The proliferation of online trading […]

Nov 30 2017

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trading Range bars forex

Range bars belong to a type of chart that is independent of time. Unlike the more conventional chart types such as the candlestick and bar […]

Nov 08 2017

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Price charts

A price chart is probably the most important piece to the puzzle when it comes to trading the financial markets. While fundamentals drive the price […]

Nov 01 2017

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Inflation target

When it comes to determining monetary policy, among a number of economic indicators that policymakers look at, one particular indicator stands out. Inflation or consumer […]

Oct 25 2017

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Orbex stochastic tutorial_advanced

A Powerful Momentum Oscillator The stochastics indicator is a momentum oscillator which measures the strength of price moves, similar to the RSI indicator. However, the […]

Oct 18 2017

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The Ichimoku trading indicator is well known for its capability of offering a complete trading system. This has been well documented, and trend following traders […]

Oct 18 2017

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Trading futures chart_Orbex

The futures markets are also known as the derivatives markets. The name comes from the fact that the prices in the futures markets are derived […]

Oct 11 2017

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Vigor indicator

The Relative Vigor Index is a technical indicator that measures the likelihood of the recent price action. The RVI, although looking similar to the Stochastics […]

Oct 04 2017

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Puzzle pieces

Statistics say that hardly 2% of traders actually make the cut. The remainders of the 98% are merely a flash in the pan. Some traders […]

Sep 13 2017

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Clock mechanism

The rate of change or ROC is a technical indicator that is classified as a momentum indicator. The ROC is similar in its behavior as […]

Sep 01 2017

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