Trading Strategies


Gold is one of the favorite trading instruments in the precious metals asset class. Its appeal ranges from the intraday trader/speculator to investors involved in […]

Aug 30 2016

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Dollar Index_equities

Summary: EURUSD is one of the most popular and liquid trading instruments in forex With tight spreads, traders can dedicate themselves to trading just the […]

Aug 23 2016

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Diversify your risk for more stable returns

Diversification is typically an important part of a prudent portfolio manager’s strategy, which basically implies that they avoid putting all of their eggs into one […]

Sep 09 2015

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84. Be sure you can focus on your trading when you are doing it

The forex market trades very actively at certain times, especially after the release of major economic data, and so it can easily move a big […]

Jul 31 2015

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Forex Market Like A Rubber

An important characteristic of financial markets — like the forex market — is that they tend to move in one direction, and then correct at […]

Jul 06 2015

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focus on the trade

Rather than wasting valuable forex trading time continually computing your profit and loss on a trade, focus instead on executing the trade plan that you […]

Jun 19 2015

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Know How To Use Your Trading Tools

As is the case with any profession, a person interested in taking a professional approach to the business of forex trading needs to know how […]

May 29 2015

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Orbex Trading TIP6

The advantages of trading in liquid currency markets are considerable, which is why most forex traders prefer to operate in them. For forex traders, market […]

May 07 2015

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Trading tips: Trail Your Stops

Move your stop loss buy level progressively lower if you were running a profitable short position in a currency pair.

Apr 30 2015

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Don’t take larger positions until you can afford to

You need to make sure that the risks you take in forex are suitable for the amount of money you have deposited as margin with your forex broker.

Apr 17 2015

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