I have been trading currencies for over 10 years. I'm finance passionate, a hands-on expert in futures, binary options, and currency spot trading. I’m also a founder of Humbletraders.com. My mission is to share accumulated trading experience and help others to stay profitable in the long run.


Elliot Waves: Short trading setup for GBPUSD

First, let's revise the  Weekly technical analysis: The current Cable’s rally is rather a function of weaker dollar than a stronger Sterling. There is nothing bullish about UK economy at the moment. This rally, in my opinion, has no fundamental support and it is likely to fade soon. GBPUSD is now trading within a major resistance and I woul...

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USD/JPY – Elliott Waves Say It’s Time to Start Looking Up

The last six months have seen USD/JPY fall lower and lower like there is nothing that could stop it. The rallies have been stunted and short-lived, and the declines have been cliff dives! The Japanese central bank and the Government have been trying everything in their power to put a stop to the Yen rally but no avail. But! The time is coming ...

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DOW Jones Wave Count Update: Critical High Broken

DOW Jones Wave Count Update: Critical High Broken. Last weekend I spoke about the November 2015 high of 17978 as being a critical high in the DOW. The first image below shows the count as of last Friday, with the critical high marked on it. As that November high was labelled wave 'B', then the triangle count that I was working on would be inva...

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