Gold 2018-10-01

Gold managed to fell below 1187 support last week which may push market for more drop Gold facing Intraday resistance around 1200 where as long as market holding Daily close below 1200 more drop to test 1160-65 will be expected Any… Read More

GBPUSD 2018-10-01

British pound managed to fell below 1.3125 last week where market managed to test 1.3040 as we advised Market managed to print below 1.3040 which may be the first siganls of more drop toward 1.2800 zone Intraday Levels showing… Read More

EURUSD 2018-10-01

Euro managed to head for another drop wave where we still expecting more trading zone between 1.1500 and 1.1850 as we advised last week Intraday Levels showing resistance at 1.1660 where as long as market holding below another drop wave… Read More

Gold 2018-09-26

we still holding our last view over Gold as we see over our previous chart while market showing advance chance for Dollar the Gold still holding trades above 1187-89 where the chance for new advance wave to head toward 1225 and 1236… Read More

Oil (F) 2018-09-26

As we advised early this week and as we see over our previous chart Crude Oil managed to met target 71.60-70 as we advised in the last few weeks Crude Oil still holding same view where more advance toward 74.00 zone is expected As… Read More