Megan Wild is a home specialist who likes helping others realize how they can realize their financial dreams by investing. She currently writes about value-adding home repairs on her blog, Your Wild Home.


Budgeting for Investment: The Basics

Investing is often at the bottom of most people’s priorities, as there are far more pressing needs to worry about. For some people, figuring out how to invest is a daunting prospect. For others, it feels too difficult to part with money now that might not be touched for years. The good news is investing isn’t as difficult as it seems. It’s also...

2017-09-20 Read more

10 Facts You Should Know About Saving and Investing

We all work hard for our money, but does our money work hard for us? The answer to that question breaks down the difference between investing and saving. Saving is all about putting money aside. You'll know at any given moment just how much cash you have in that nest egg. Investing is more of a long-term plan for earning. The amount of your mone...

2016-02-15 Read more

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