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Trading Psychology: Pressure to Trade

Originally posted by Nathan Batchelor on LittleFish FX Pressure to Trade First of all, I would like to start by saying that when I first started out trading and learning from other more experienced traders, and to a large degree educating myself on all thing Forex, the opinions of others and their experience and knowledge had a profound effe...

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Learn To Trade With Fibonacci Levels

New addition to the Orbex basics crash course: learn how to trade with Fibonacci levels! Fibonacci tool is an important aspect of technical analysis, which you can’t ignore if you want to succeed in online trading. During our FREE webinar, James Harte, an experienced trader and LFX analyst, will walk you through the most efficient ways to use F...

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Trading Plans – A Forex Trader’s Friend

“Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth” – Mike Tyson In the fast moving world of Forex trading, where high-concentration is required for extended periods of time and decisions must sometimes be made in a split-second, it is crucial to have a plan, a plan that you can trust and stick to no matter what is happening. A well thou...

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Top Ten: Trading Risk & Psychology Reads

In this weekly segment I am going to bring to you my Top Ten of everything trading related; from trading myths, trading mistakes, trading books, trading websites, trading hacks – I am sure you get the picture. I want to kick this segment off with an introduction to what I consider my top ten Trading Books that aren’t related to trading strategi...

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FREE Webinar on Trading Basics: Trend Lines & Channels

Rescheduled Orbex continues to comprehensively cover the basics of FX Trading, along with expanded and additional coverage of trading tools, essential for great results. This time, we have invited James Harte a prominent forex expert from LittleFish FX Team, who is going to explain how Trend Lines & Channels can help you reach your investme...

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Understanding The Different Market Types & How To Trade Them

Originally posted by James Harte on LittleFish FX Get Informed In our “Moving Averages & Bollinger Bands” webinar we discussed how Bollinger Bands can be useful in giving us information about the underlying state of the market and how we can use that information to develop trading opportunities. Following on from that I want to expand th...

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Breakout Trading Method. Part Two

Playing The Retest. Whilst considering your personal risk profile in how you trade breakouts, another important option is to consider trading the retest. You see, even if you opt for the more conservative approach of waiting for a candle close to confirm the breakout, there is still a risk that the break-out is false and price will simply reve...

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Webinar: Understanding Support & Resistance

We are happy to introduce our new partner – Little Fish FX, an outstanding online destination for high-quality educational materials, pro trader analysis, trading strategies and market-leading tools & indicators to retail traders of all experience. In this webinar, LittleFish FX analyst James Harte takes a look at two core elements of techn...

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Breakout Trading Method. Part One

The Breakout Method One of the most popular trading strategies commonly used by all variety of traders is the “breakout trading” method.  Many automated systems and indeed successful hedge fund strategies are based on this simple approach. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of this trading method is that it can be used with consistent success ...

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