In a previous professional role, I was the one standing in the background nervously observing offices full of city traders surrounded by dozens of screens, while they coolly placed 6 figure trades. Yes, that's right - I was the compliance auditor. I can't have done my job properly though, as shortly before I left, the great financial crisis hit. I took a break from financial services regulation during this period - which was as good a time as any to be out of the industry, I reasoned, but the feeling of excitement I used to get when I entered trading rooms never left me. So, recently I have discovered online trading platforms, and I'm back in the game - now from the other side. They say women are better than men at trading... Let's put this to the test.


8 Myths About Traders Debunked

If trading still conjures up images of high-flying professionals, barking buy and sell orders at each other across a crowded, open outcry trading floor, it's time to revisit those views. New evidence has cemented the notion that the typical trader is changing. Where once highly-qualified and experienced,  male stock brokers would exclusively oc...

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