John More is a blogger for Saraval Industries, trading furniture experts, and technical / control room furniture dealers. John’s blog posts have been featured on Life Hacker,, and more. He’s passionate about writing about productivity, work space health and of course furniture and design.


What Happens When Finance Professionals Burn Out

On your best days, your job will make you feel driven, motivated, and enthusiastic. You’ll wake up in the morning excited by the idea of heading into the office and working hard to bring home awesome results. You’ll have clear goals in mind and an idea how to aim for them. On your worst days, you’ll dread getting out of bed. Every second of you...

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Stress and the Financial Trader: Easy Ways to Reduce Stress

Whatever initially drew you to a career in finance, it likely wasn’t a hankering for a low-stress, relaxed lifestyle. Probably the exact opposite, in fact. While the long working hours and typical high-tension workplaces are generally seen as an unfortunate side effect of the job, it’s true that many of those who choose this line of work actuall...

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