Associate Professor of Finance at Cyprus International Institute of Management and Programme Director of the MSc in Financial Services. Served as a member of the Interim Board of Bank of Cyprus, chairman of the Recapitalisation Committee, and a member of the Audit Committee and CISCO Ltd. Currently a board member of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), a member of the Training/HR Committee of the Cyprus Investment Fund Association (CIFA), and a board member of the Cyprus-Kuwait Business Association.


Cyprus Recent Upgrade by S&P: What does it really mean?

The first long-awaited upgrade of the Cyprus economy by the rating agencies for this Fall has finally arrived with the recent upgrade from S&P by one notch (from BB- to BB). Now we are only two notches away from the investment-grade (IG) market, which is a far cry from the ratings that we had back in 2013 during the banking crisis (CCC+), fi...

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Exit from the MoU: What does it mean for Cyprus?

 On March 31st, 2016 the Cyprus government has officially exited the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Troika after a three-year period. During this time, Cyprus has received around €7.2 billion (out of a total of €10 billion available) with a very low-interest rate of about 1%. Evaluations though will not stop and will continue every six m...

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The Facts Behind South Korean Miracle

Most people around the world know Korea because of the threat to world stability that is posed by Kim-Jong-un, the young leader of Pyongyang, North Korea. Indeed, it is a serious threat, especially for the people living in South Korea. The problems between the North and South Korea are not new and have existed since the early 1950s and the divis...

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Case Study: Greek Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

I participated recently in an entrepreneurial educational field trip to Athens that is organized by CIIM’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (ENTICE). This is part of a series of educational field trips that CIIM’s organizes every year. The purpose of the trip was to visit various organizations (stakeholders) that make up the entrepreneuri...

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