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US Rate Hike in June

From the minutes, we find out that Fed will likely push up the rates if the economic growth proves sustainable. This triggered a push in the USD and a fall in Wall Street’s stock prices that reversed all previous gains recorded by the currency immediately after coming out. On Wednesday, the USD/JPY pair went over the 110.00 thresholds after the...

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CPI – The Most Important Economic Indicator of the Week

If you want to place trades on FX this week, you must know what the CPI is. The CPI acronym stands for Consumer Price Index, and it is the most common used measure for inflation within a country or an economy, taking into consideration the costs of services and goods. The value of currency in relation to other currencies can be seriously impacte...

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8 Forex Terms: How Professional Forex Traders Speak

Very often, traders and professional Forex investors simplify currency pair names by referring to them using nicknames. The most used jargon in FX is about the major currency pairs. This language is not only used in forums or social media but also in official communications, news, and formal events. If you are trading FX, you have got to know a...

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BoJ leaves a heavy footprint in the markets

On Thursday, the USD/JPY pair plunged around 300 pips due to the YEN bulls that moved in strong. This was happening as the BOJ (Bank of Japan) Governor Kuroda announced that the bank will maintain the current monetary policy rates. Behind the decision resides the need for more time in order to properly monitor the effect of the easing measures i...

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Euro Drops as New Reforms Are Ready to Deploy in Greece

During last week, the euro weakened against the dollar with 0.53%, sending the EUR/USD major at 1.1223 and also marking the second straight weekly decline this year. The economic activity went down unexpectedly in the month of April, raising concerns over the health of the Eurozone’s economy, as per preliminary data of Friday. This downbeat data...

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Turmoil in the energy markets!

Image via Tribes of the World / (L-R) Bahraini Minister of Finance and Minister in Charge of Oil and Gas Affairs Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed al-Khalifa, Kuwaiti Minister of Oil Hani Abdulaziz Hussein and Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Ali Al-Naimi. Last week ended with an unexpected event which cancelled any prospects of a present oil output re...

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The question of the week: Where is BoJ?

Image via World Economic Forum / Flickr On Monday, the USD/JPY pair lingered in the 107.80 area as BOJ (Bank of Japan) analysts and officials maintain their prior “no intervention” decision regarding the monetary policy. There is although a new addition to the team of supporters in the person of the ex-BOJ official Shirai, who stated that the b...

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17-month low by USD/JPY

On Monday, the USD/JPY pair followed its downward trend as the Federal Reserve minutes came out, hitting a low of 109.33 – the lowest level since October 2014. After the minutes, the pair managed to come back to 109.60/70, close to the level of the information impact. Across the board, we can see that the greenback straightened after the FOMC (F...

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How do the economic reports impact the currencies?

We can see on Friday the USD strengthening abroad the markets, being boosted by the release of US employment data, manufacturing activity, and the consumers’ sentiment index. The USD/JPY pair lost 0.17% for the whole Friday session, but looking closely we can see that it came back from the 111.80 low to close at 112.38. The ISM (Institute for Su...

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What are the chances of a rate hike in April?

Image via Leo Newball, Jr. 'California Federal Reserve Bank' / Flickr The USD/CAD pair moved slightly on Friday, the European session setting the rate in the 1.3230 area. The main reason for this small fluctuation is that the Canadian markets were closed for Good Friday, being no Canadian news releases. From the US side, the final GDP (Gross Do...

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