World’s Most Beautifully Designed Currencies

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Traveling the world is exciting and educational.

In fact, it teaches travelers who might not be involved in the financial markets about exchange rates. But how often have you taken the time to really look at the foreign currency you are using when you are abroad?


Banknotes are typically designed to represent the culture of a nation and tend to have a much larger significance than we might realize.

With so many banknotes used around the world, it’s certainly worth thinking less like a trader, and more like a traveler! Let’s explore some of the world’s most beautiful banknotes that stand out from the rest.

England’s £10 note

The banknote portrays Jane Austen, the well-known English author behind classics such as Pride and Prejudice. The note was redesigned in 2017 to include the image of the celebrated writer, replacing Charles Darwin who had been featured on the £10 note since the year 2000.

The image of Austen’s face is based on a watercolor portrait by James Andrews, commissioned by the author’s nephew after her death in 1817. Now, all eyes are on the £10 note to see how much it will be worth after the looming Brexit deadline.

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Samoa’s Tala 20 note

The Samoan 20 Tala note has an interesting design to match the exotic destination. The banknote is eye-catching with its use of bright colors and even received an award for its design in 2008. The Samona Tala depicts one of the country’s waterfalls, a well-known tourist attraction. On the back of the note, we can see the Manumea, a beloved national bird accompanied by the country’s national flower, Teulia.



Comoros 1000 Franc note

The Comoro banknote has one of the most interesting stories of the world’s currencies. It pictures an ancient fish known as the Coelacanth, which was deemed extinct until it was sighted in Comoros’ waters during recent years. How beautiful is that?

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Tahiti’s 5000 Franc note

A must-see destination, the stunning islands of Tahiti are reflected in the design of the currency. The note depicts the sun, the sand, and beautiful beaches. French Polynesia is a collection of 118 splendid islands in the South Pacific. Their currency, the Pacific Franc, is as exquisite as the landmarks of the islands. Interestingly enough, according to the official tourism association, the currency has a fixed exchange rate of 100 F.CFP = 0.838 Euros (or 1 Euro = 119.33 F.CFP.) The currency only fluctuates against the US Dollar!

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Aruba’s 50 Florin note

If you like geometric figures, then you will love Aruba’s Florins. The elements on the banknotes are fundamentally Aruban and represent the island’s animal wildlife combined with the decorative motives found on pre-Columbian pottery. A very poetic way to present the relation between the past and the present.

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