Traders Born in October

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With high emotional intelligence, charming personalities and a general disposition towards a peaceful environment and a love for beauty, October-born people excel in various professions, including trading. Ruled by the planet Venus, those born in this month are mostly Librans, though those born after the October 22 fall under the Zodiac sign of Scorpio.

How does the birth month affect one’s personality or even trading decisions? Let’s take a look.


Helpful Traits of October-Born Traders

One of the unique and positive traits of people born in October is that they are blessed with a strong psyche. This mental strength gives them the power to read people and situations well. This trait comes in highly useful for professions like trading, where one has to be on the ball at all times.

October-born people like to accept challenges and work hard to win competitions. When a person is not fearful of the competitive and challenging markets, they take decisions with a stable mind. In fact, emotional stability and calm nature make those born in October highly successful traders. They could be your biggest competitors, and they will never stagnate in their work.

Other traits that prove helpful for trading include a highly optimistic attitude. They do not give up on their goals very quickly, so a few bad trades will not discourage them or affect their confidence. Their optimism is quite infectious, so it’s always good to have them as business partners or friends. October-born people still strive to finish tasks at hand, and their analytical skills make them great solution providers.

Traits that Could Come in the Way of Trading

Although October-born people have the good business acumen, they also have a habit of spending too much money. People born in this month like the luxuries of life. They want to own beautiful things. This tendency to over-spend could put their trade capital at risk. It is always useful to save up money for hard times and make rational trading decisions. The markets are unpredictable, and the need for good financial backing is essential.

Others can easily influence October-born individuals. Librans are usually kind-hearted, but they often attract the wrong kind of company. This attribute is risky for traders. Decisions should always be based on detailed market analysis and knowledge. One can learn new strategies from others, but not blindly follow them.

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October-born people are also very imaginative. While this is useful for professions in the creative arena, it should be kept under control in the financial markets.

Deep thinking and over-thinking will more often result in a waste of time. Prolonged decision making will cost traders opportunities for profit taking. At the same time, while Librans take time to make decisions, their accurate intuitions and rational minds make up for it.

Overall, October-born traders are self-motivated, strong and competitive. They are loyal to friends and family, keeping the latter as their top priority. People like them will always find ways to bounce back after a failure.



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