Traders Born in September

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If you believe in star signs, our birthdays tell a lot about our personality. The position of the sun at the time of our birth apparently has a lot to do with our strengths and weaknesses. The month of September is governed by the Zodiac sign Virgo and the planet Mercury. Those born between September 1 and 19 come directly under the influence of Virgo, while those born later are influenced by the Virgo/Libra cusp. And, while people in the former category tend to be more intellectual, the latter are usually more creative.

So, how does your Zodiac sign affect your trading behavior? Here’s a look.


Personality Traits of September Born Traders

Classified as perfectionists, traders born in September are usually very hard-working and detail oriented. They have a knack for organizational skills too. Such traders tend to combine intuition and logic in the face of difficult decisions. They also tend to be great at communication and have an investigative mind.

These traits are highly useful for traders. The ability to persevere and remain committed despite the odds are important attitudes that characterize successful traders. In addition, the ability to employ logical thinking is crucial in the financial markets, especially when faced with difficult situations. This means that September-born traders rarely allow emotions to come into their game. They are able to make quick decisions when the markets go in the wrong direction.

Having good communication skills allows them to make the right connections in the field. Charismatic Virgos are able to form fast friendships with the people around them. Traders can benefit from building a good network, where they get to learn important strategies from each other. An investigative mind is useful not only for detailed market analysis, but also to track previous successes and failures, and learn from past mistakes.

Weaknesses of September Born Traders

The tendency towards perfectionism can have its limitations. September-born traders are generally too critical of themselves and sometimes work too hard to achieve their goals. As a result, they become vulnerable to health problems and are quite prone to accidents too.

The trading arena is full of people who do not take care of themselves in their pursuit of success. Anxiety and heart disease are quite common among financial market participants. Remember that trying too hard has its pitfalls too and over-trading can sometimes lead to more losses.

A sound mind and body are absolutely essential when it comes to making the right investment decisions. Do not overthink and exert yourself beyond limits. It is always a good idea to take a break when things get too overwhelming. Unfortunately, the financial markets are quite unpredictable, and even with the best strategies and tools in place, losses do occur.

September born people are said to be good travelers. So, enjoy a vacation now and then too.

There are a lot of lessons that traders can take from September-born people. Their eye for detail and their hardworking nature should be an inspiration for every trader. But, born in this month or not, trading requires discipline and commitment, which every trader should aim for.



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