What to Do When the Markets are Closed – Episode 5

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In our last article looking at what to do when the markets are closed, we addressed top websites to keep you up to date with the latest news and trends in the forex world. Today though, we’re looking at getting out and about rather than sitting behind your screens!

Technological advancements have made trading an activity that can be done from anywhere in the world, even from the confines of your home.

But, how about going to the actual financial hubs around the globe to look at where the important decisions and processes are carried out? Market holidays and weekends are the best times to see these places and get a real feel of the trading floor.

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London, UK

London is the most important trading centre in the world, with a share of about 34% of the daily forex volume. As a result, the biggest names in the banking sector keep their dealing desks in London, making it home to some of the most renowned banking and financial institutions in the world.

As a financial geek or an avid trader, London offers many exciting experiences. You could see the inner workings of the London Stock Exchange – one of the oldest and largest stock exchanges in Europe – or enjoy a finance walking tour. How about a trip to the Bank of England, a pioneer of the modern banking system? Or an outing to the first ever Royal Exchange? Find out why a giant golden grasshopper has adorned the Royal Exchange since the 16th century and why there are hanging grasshopper signs on Lombard Street. For the average history buff, London is paradise!

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New York, USA

New York has retained its second position among the largest trading markets in the world, handling almost 16% of the world’s forex transactions. The fact that the US dollar accounts for almost 99% of forex transactions makes it a highly important centre of trade.

The Charging Bull Statue, a testament to the capitalistic spirit of the city, is a wonderful attraction to see here. The beautiful bronze structure marks the centre of the financial district, right in front of the New York Stock Exchange. The majestic Federal Reserve Bank of New York is located on Liberty Street and the Museum of American Finance is nearby, both offering a glimpse into American financial history to millions of visitors every day.

Of course, you cannot miss Wall Street, which is an 8-block-long street in the financial district, housing the biggest corporations in the world. You will see hundreds of people, in their best suits, rushing to and from their offices at almost any time of the day. Wall Street never sleeps.

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Hong Kong, Asia Pacific

Hong Kong occupies the third position as an important trading centre in the world and the first position among the emerging Asian markets. There are tours available to see the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, one of the 10 largest exchanges in the world. You can also visit the trading floor, which is highly automated in today’s time. Located in the Exchange Square is a beautifully maintained meeting place from bankers from all over the globe.

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So, the next time you are looking for things to do when the markets are closed, why not visit one of the historic trading centres of the world?




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