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Which Harry Potter Character Would Make The Best Forex Trader?

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The Harry Potter series grew to be the most iconic story of a generation and spawned a rebirth of the fantasy genre. While many people enjoy watching the series for its dramatic plot and lovable characters, as Forex traders we are always looking of inspiration, even among child wizards. With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to view the characters from a different perspective and ask, ‘which Harry Potter character would make the best Forex trader?’

Which Harry Potter Character Would Make The Best Forex Trader? 7

Harry Potter

As the lead character, harry is a complex, compelling spirit that has become iconic for a generation who fell in love with this nerdy but brave, schoolboy wizard. As the leader of the unstoppable trio Harry’s shining qualities are his loyalty, bravery and compassion. He never shies away from doing the right thing and though he bears the burden of his quests, heavily, he does so with a courageous heart. Harry is not afraid of committing himself and working hard in order to achieve his goals.

While his brave and self-less nature are his most renowned qualities, as with all of us, he has his weaker points too. Harry can often be too impulsive, rushing into actions or situations before he has properly thought things through, this often stems from his arrogance which can sometimes get the better of him and lead him to make bad decisions.

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Forex Takeaways

Bravery and willingness to work hard are vital qualities for anyone looking to be a successful trader. Facing the markets is not for the faint hearted and learning to come to terms with risk can be a tough task but one that must be done in order to advance. Harry’s willingness to work hard is what makes him such a great risk taker and is something that all Forex traders need to be prepared to do in order to be successful. Taking the proper time to develop a strategy and study the markets to develop a trading plan is what ultimately makes a trader more prepared for taking risk.

However, despite his willingness to take risk and his strong work ethic, Harry needs to be careful and make sure he keeps his impulsiveness in check as this could lead him to stray from his trading plan and end up taking unplanned trades which will likely hurt his performance.


Ron Weasley

While Harry is often very serious due to the great struggle he undertakes and his battle to cope with his past and forge a future, Ron brings some levity to the group and can always be counted on for some silly humour. Like Harry, Ron is fiercely loyal and brave, though can be extremely moody with a quick temper.

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Forex Takeaways

Bravery and loyalty are highly beneficial qualities for a Forex trader, meaning that Ron will be able to stick to a trading strategy. A trader won’t get bored and swap strategies constantly, which can be highly demanding to a trader’s confidence and performance. However, Ron’s bad temper is a weakness that he will need to keep in check. Traders with quick tempers can often find themselves taking unplanned trades out of anger. For example, after being stopped out, a bad temper can lead a trader to make unplanned “revenge trades” that only exacerbate poor performance and lead to deeper losses.


Hermione Granger

As the lead female in the Potter series, Hermione is an icon in her own right and displays many highly admirable qualities. Hermione is known for her intelligence, her rationality, her focused determination, self confidence and conviction. However, Hermione can often be a little too close minded, stubborn and a little too confrontational.

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Forex Takeaways

Her intelligence and hardworking nature make Hermione perfectly suited to Forex trading and she is likely to enjoy the task of studying the markets and developing strategies. Her logic and rationality lend themselves perfectly to systems design and back-testing. Hermione is likely to prefer to develop automated strategies instead of engaging the market manually. However, her closed mindedness is something she will need to be careful of as this can often lead traders to refuse to hone poor strategies or worse, to hang on to losing trades.



As Harry’s mentor and pseudo-Father figure, Dumbledore takes a special place in the heart of many Potter fans and is renowned for his wisdom, compassion and strategic mind. He can always be relied upon to see the bigger picture and to make the best decisions. However, his age makes him somewhat frail and slow and he lacks the passion of the younger characters.

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Forex Takeaways

Dumbledore’s wisdom and perceptive nature are perfect for Forex trading and would most likely help him make a great analyst. Dumbledore would likely revel in taking the time to study the charts on multiple timeframes and get a real sense of the big picture for price action. However, his lack of dynamism and energy might not lend itself too well to actually placing trades and so he might be better at designing systems and working on analysis rather than actually trading.



As the arch nemesis of Harry Potter, “he who must not be named” strikes fear into the hearts of Potter fans. While most Potter fans hate the “dark lord”, like all villains he does have some desirable qualities that allow him to pose such a formidable threat. Among these; his determination and resilience are most noteworthy however, like all deranged geniuses his arrogance is his biggest downfall.

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Forex Takeaways

As much as we hate him, the dark lord would probably make quite a good Forex trader. His commitment and dedication would serve him well in studying the markets and developing strategies and spending the necessary time developing his skills and understanding of price action and his resilience would be handy in learning to take losses and continued forward with his trading.

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