What to Do When the Markets are Closed: Episode 1

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Businesses certainly take time off on the weekends. Even the stock exchanges across the world maintain trading hours like banks and this means that they remain closed on the weekends. And, while they say that the forex market never sleeps, it does remain closed on the weekends too.

But, this doesn’t mean that weekends are complete downtime for traders. This is the time that you can up your game by gaining more knowledge about the markets and improving your trading skills. In this series of articles, we look at how you can use the time that the markets are closed to hone your trading skills, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro.

One of the richest sources of information and knowledge are podcasts. They can be fun and engaging, but, most importantly, they can help you learn something new, especially if you know which podcasts to follow. Here are some of the best.

TwoBlokesTrading: By Tom and Brandon

Two Blokes Trading is a fun and informative podcast for new and experienced traders. It started initially by following Tom and Owen on their journey to become profitable traders, with Brandon joining in later on. A new chat airs every Monday, where the guys interview leading retail trading industry figures, including Hedge Fund managers, Trading Psychologists, Brokers, Platform Providers and many others, who give their own insights into the trading world, for you to benefit from.

Trend Following™: By Michael Covel

Michael Covel is an entrepreneur and author of five books, including the international bestseller Trend Following. Covel has uncovered insights about human behaviour in his books that affects the trading systems. His podcasts reach over 188 countries, with over 6 million listeners. Spanning 600+ episodes, the guest list on the show includes world class thinkers, psychologists, economists and traders; some of them being Nobel laureates too. The channel is great for people looking for alternate views on the markets and expanding their minds in investing.

Chat with Traders: By Aaron Fifield

26-year-old Aaron Fifield is the voice of the Chat with Traders podcast. He is a skilled trader with huge experience in heavy technical analysis and programming languages. On the podcast, he interviews traders and market participants at varying levels of success, right from retail grinders to whistle blowers, covering their backstories, experiences, strategies, lessons and victories. Aaron’s podcast is centered on developing various algorithmic strategies for different markets across the world’s time zones. There is a lot of knowledge available in these episodes.

When the Markets are Closed: Episode 1 2

Power Trading Radio: By Merlin Rothfield

Power Trading Radio is an extremely fast-paced show that keeps you informed about the latest news in indices, futures, commodities, currencies and stocks. It is a daily progressive trader focused programme hosted by Merlin Rothfield, who is himself a long-time trader. There are also discussions around ‘themes’, similar to the content on other shows. It is not just a trading news show but looks to educate as well.




Podcasts offer refreshing perspectives on the world’s economic scenario and tips to earn profits with minimum risks. Use your weekends to search for and try different podcasts till you find the one you can’t live without!


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