Surfing the Waves Technical Analysis Showcase

Event Date Richard Tataru 2018-04-16
Surfing the Waves Technical Analysis Showcase

In this installment of ‘Surfing the Waves’ Richard is giving us a showcase of his previous performance in light of some upcoming exciting webinars that he will be hosting.

Join us to see how Richard used his Elliott Wave analysis to look at the market movement.

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Richard is passionate about technical analysis with years of charting experience under his belt. When it comes to his insights and how he analyses the markets, he uses leading analysis tools. In particular, Elliott Wave Analysis is his forte, and he dedicates the majority of his time using this analytical method. Richard uses Elliott Waves in combination with Structures, Patterns, Divergences, and then spices things up with Vibration Levels, Fibonacci measurements, Channeling, Break-outs or Flag formations.