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What Can Forex Traders Learn From Marvel Characters?

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For those just starting out in the markets, it might seem that to become a successful, full-time trader it would require super human powers. However, it doesn’t. Trading is no different to any other endeavour and the attributes that will eventually help you achieve long lasting success are mostly the same as those needed in any other field. However, while you might not need to be a superhuman to achieve success, some of the qualities of superhumans can certainly help. Read on below as we take a look at a few of the qualities and how you can learn from Marvel characters, to become a better forex trader.


Black Panther

The Black Panther is one of the most devastatingly effective combatants out of all the marvel characters. A large part of why he is so successful is down to the fact that he is an amazing strategist, tactician and tracker.  However, it’s not just in the planning stages that T’Challa excels, when it comes to combat the Black Panther is a versatile warrior, proficient in both armed and unarmed combat.



What can forex traders learn from the Black Panther?

Planning is absolutely vital to success. Spending the necessary time developing and testing a strategy is as important as actually placing a trade – a hugely important skill to learn from marvel characters. Many traders fail in their endeavour because they don’t spent the necessary time doing their homework and testing and honing their strategies. Once a strategy is developed and tested it is then far easier to know how to react in live market conditions.

Furthermore, Black Panther’s versatility is a trait which all traders should learn to harness. Many new traders will find a strategy they like and start blindly using it in all market conditions. While this can yield some success in the short-term, in the long term this approach will suffer. Traders need to spend time identifying which conditions suit their strategy and most and learn to apply their strategy only in the most favourable conditions.




Thor is renowned as one of the toughest Marvel characters. Descending from Odin of Gaea, the Norse God of thunder is a fearless warrior who excels in armed combat.



What can forex traders learn from Thor

One of Thor’s most valuable qualities is his endurance and resistance to injury. Anyone who is going to engage in war needs to possess these qualities in order to survive and prosper. For forex traders it’s no different. Trading the markets is not always a pleasant experience and losses can be hard to take. However, the most successful traders will tell you that losses are just part of the role and learning to minimise your risk, keep losses to an acceptable level, and move on is what will help you achieve long lasting success in trading.



Iron Fist

Iron Fist is an incredibly talented warrior who has learned to harness spiritual power through focus and meditation. In doing so, iron fist has been able to tap into superhuman qualities which give him incredible energy and strength above other fighters.



What can forex traders learn from iron fist?

While iron fist is an exceptionally gifted fighter the most important takeaway for traders is his focus on concentration and meditation. In doing this, Iron fist has learned to control his nervous system and reduce the impact of pain. This allows him to be more alert to changes in his environment and deal with oncoming threats more effectively.

For traders, learning to control their emotions and maintain their focus is of paramount importance. Many new traders fail because once they enter a live trading environment, the stress of having real money on the line and of dealing with a fast, changeable environment leads them to make poor decisions. Learning to remain calm and control your emotions will have an incredibly beneficial impact on your trading performance and help you make better decisions than those traders who are simply reacting blindly to the events of the sessions. A large part of developing this power, comes in having a well defined trading plan. It’s far easier to remain calm and control your emotions when you have a plan to guide your trading.


Iron Man

Iron Man is one Marvel character who captures the imagination of Marvel fans. Having built an indestructible iron suit, he is able to battle his enemies with confidence, knowing that he has channelled all of his intelligence and perseverance into protecting himself, better equipping himself to fully engage in battle.



What can forex traders learn from Iron man?

The takeaways from Iron should be clear. One of the main priorities of all traders, new and old, is to make sure that you are always prepared with the right equipment and that you protect yourself. While most traders focus only on placing trades and potential wins, focusing on capital preservation will greatly enhance your chances of success. Among the best ways to ensure that you protect yourself is to make sure that you always have the right tools, including the correct platform, news feeds, events calendars and any specialist equipment you need such as strategy guides or indicators.



Take the time to learn from Marvel Characters and remember… with great power comes great responsibility!



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