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Top Forex Traders to Follow on Twitter

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The community of financial traders on Twitter has grown massively over the last decade, and there are now many professional traders, both retail and institutional, engaging the public daily on the popular social media platform.  Following traders on Twitter can be a fantastic way for new traders to learn about how professional traders approach the market as well as gleaning useful insights from the regular market commentary. Below we have compiled a list of the best traders on Twitter that you should be following.


Assad Tannous is an Australian based fund manager who has been in financial markets trading for over 20 years. Clearly, anyone with that longevity who has risen to such a high level in this game, is worth paying attention to. Assad’s Twitter feed is a fantastic source of information and insight for both newbies and seasoned veterans alike.

Along with giving his view on the market and key events driving the price action, Assad’s feed provides a lot of valuable and hard-earned trading wisdom and will be particularly captivating for traders keen to develop a professional trading mindset and improve their psychological capacity for trading the markets.  Reading back through Assad’s feed can you a clear insight into how a proven trading professional approaches the market, with Assad often sharing ideas of both a technical and fundamental nature.


Tom Dante AKA “Trader Dante” is some of a twitter – trader celebrity. Tom has been active in the markets for well over a decade and has grown from a naïve, ignorant retail trader to be able to live solely off his trading income, trading from home each day. Tom’s feed is a balanced blend of insightful market commentary and provocative, profanity strewn humour. Please be warned, if occasional (frequent) profanity offends you, this feed isn’t for you. However, Tom’s market commentary and trading ideas are extremely valuable.

Over his career Tom has developed an extremely precise understanding of price action and market dynamics and uses this to call trades and analyse the markets. Tom has a few systems split between higher time frame swing trading and short-term scalping and his trade ideas in the currency markets are widely followed and applauded. For those of you interested in learning how to trade pure price action alone, this feed is a must-follow.


Blake Morrow is another seasoned industry veteran whose Twitter feed is a rich source of constant information and insight for eager traders. Blake ran a daily market webcast for over a decade, analysing a cross section of markets each day and alongside this is constantly posting trade ideas and analysis on his Twitter feed and engaging with other traders. For those looking to gain a solid insight into market technical and fundamentals, Blake’s feed is another must-follow and reading back through Blake’s feed is a fantastic exercise for anyone looking to brush up on their understanding of traditional market technicals.


PLTfx is a trading advisory and signal service that have been active for just under a decade and have developed a loyal group of followers and clients. PLTfx’s feed is primarily focused on sharing institutional market research and analysis. So, if you’re interested in reading the latest market commentary and trading ideas from the big investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Citi and more, then this is the feed for you.

Trader Interview With PLTfx: “We consider trading to be a speculation NOT gambling”


50pips is another retail trader who has turned trading into his sole income and now helps new traders develop their skills and also financially backs those who perform well. 50pips’ feed is constantly flowing with market updates and trade ideas so for those traders who are looking for a good daily read on the market, 50pips’ feed is a highly valuable resource.


Ed Matts is a market veteran with over 20 years’ experience at major investment banks. Matt’s now runs his own advisory service and his feed is teaming with actionable market insight and trading ideas. For traders keen to learn about market fractals and correlations, Matt’s feed is a fascinating read and will deeply improve traders understanding of market fundamentals and price action drivers. Matt’s experience and expertise shine through in his tweets and traders will quickly learn to think about the markets and key events in a far more strategic and analytical way.


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