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Top Five Ways To Stay Healthy While Trading

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The Modern Way

Let’s face it, working in an office isn’t exactly the most conducive environment to helping you achieve the Hollywood physique that many of us dream of. In fact, working in an office can sometimes make it very difficult to stay even relatively healthy at all with long hours sitting, plenty of stress and of course the constant call of “sweet treats” and junk food whether as a fast lunch or sugar boost in afternoon. However, as sitting for extended periods of time has been proven, by an abundance of research, to be linked to a various string of health concerns, it is more important than ever that we find clever and effective ways to stay healthy in the office.

So, with this in mind, we have compiled a list of our top five office health gadgets and fitness tips designed to keep you in good health despite those long hours in front of the screens.

Orbex Office Health Boosters

1 – Lumoback

Bad posture is one of the biggest health challenges arising from office work, linked to everything from breathing problems to poor circulation and mobility issues. While we all know how to sit correctly, sometime when we’re feeling tired or work is really stressful, it is easy to forget about this and just sink into a comfortable slump.

Lumoback is a clever little tool that measures your posture to tell you if you are sitting correctly, how long you have been sitting for and can even measure your step count throughout the day as well as track how well you slept. So, for those of us who need a reminder to sit up straight and to get up and stretch our legs every so often, this is a great piece of kit to have!

2 –  Back App 2.0 chair

Now, if merely having a gadget that measures your posture isn’t enough for you and you need to a little more guidance to make sure you are sitting correctly, then the Back App 2.0 chair is just for you. This handy office stool is designed to improve your posture by subtly exercising your back and ab muscles, forcing your body to balance itself.

The chair also has an adjustable base which allows you to decrease its stability requiring you to further engage your core to balance yourself. So, for those of you willing to take a more pro-active approach to good posture, this is a good option to fall back on. Get it?

3 – Isokinetics Desk Peddles

Sometimes we have so much work to get through that no matter how much we do, more just keeps piling up and it feels like we aren’t getting anywhere. Well, Isokinetics have come up with a handy solution for this with their smart under desk peddles.

These small and lightweight under desk peddles allow you to furiously peddle away as if you were cruising along a beautiful, coastal road all without leaving the paradise of your office. So, if you aren’t quite yet fitness-mad enough to be cycling to and from work, how about a little desk cycling while you’re there?

4 – Varidesk Pro

We’ve already mentioned that sitting for extended hours at a time can be really bad for your health, but despite this common knowledge, for a lot of us, it can still be difficult to remember to get up and stretch our legs regularly. More than that, if we are rushing to meet a deadline, we might simply not have the time to indulge in a brief stroll around the office corridors.

With this in mind, Varidesk Pro have come up with a fantastic solution: a desk which allows you to alter the height of the worktop meaning you can now hammer out those reports while standing up. So, if the only standing you usually do, is at the bar after work, the Varidesk Pro is the desk for you!

5 – Brando USB-Powered Flower Pot

Finally, then, what better way to improve your well-being than to bask in the glory of nature. Unfortunately, not many offices boast an impressive jungle canopy or redwood forest. So, how about getting yourself your own little office plant to reconnect you to the earth. Even just one plant around has been proven to have a calming and relaxing effect on the brain and improves the ability to focus.

For those of you who worry that you might be too busy with work to remember to water this little beacon of nature, do not fear: brand have released a plant in USB-powered pot which reminds you when it needs watering. So, while the forest walk can wait until the weekend, you can certainly enjoy some office orchids in the meantime.

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