Essential Guide to Stop Loss & Take Profit Placement

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Do you have a stop loss strategy?

Having a solid risk management plan can significantly improve your trading results.

Move from emotional to logical decision-making with our FREE webinar on the best methods for setting stop loss & take profit targets.

Study rational, tested strategies with James Harte, professional Forex Trader, who will help you protect your investments from unnecessary financial risks.

Webinar Highlights:

  • A step-by-step explanation: How to set Stop Loss and Take Profit in MT4;
  • Risk vs. Reward: How to calculate Stop loss levels?
  • How to factor market structure and conditions into your stop loss and target placement;
  • Technical indicators used to identify stop loss levels;
  • Live Q&A Session:

Discover valuable tips and techniques on February 16 at 4 PM GMT. Click below for instant registration.

Please note that the seats are limited for this free event. Register now to book your free spot!





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Trading CFDs Involves high risk of loss

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