Geometric Trading Webinar: Focus on USD Crosses

Kenny Geometric Trading

Event Date: 2016-11-28 13:00PM

Gain trading expertise by exploring how the geometric patterns are formed; evaluate the influence of geopolitical events and get the latest market forecast from the geometric point of view.

This Monday, Kenny Simon will explore the most perspective ways to trade USD crosses and show the patterns emerging.

Special Topics This Monday:

  • Major economic events, affecting USD Crosses;
  • Analysis of the major and exotic currency pairs, based on unique P.R.I.C.E trade plan;
  • Geopolitical situation and the main factors affecting the Dollar;
  • Arising trading opportunities and how to get the most out of them;
  • Question & Answer session – ask and get expert’s opinion!

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Kenny Simon is an FX trader and educator that took the initial ideas of Geometric Trading and further improved them by combining with Fibonacci Ratios and background in Psychology studies. Kenny Simon is a Certified Professional Business Coach (iPMA).