Webinar – How to Trade US Elections: Before & After

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The upcoming Presidential Elections are promising to be one of the most intriguing over the last decades. Both candidates, Clinton and Trump, can potentially make enormous changes in the US Economy and create a major shift in internal politics.

With two controversial candidates, the result could heavily weigh on the financial markets including the currencies of major countries.  How should traders prepare?

Kiana Danial, a prominent investment strategist, will conduct an exclusive FREE webinar for Orbex traders on how to trade upcoming Presidential Elections in the US.

Join Kiana on October 27th at 5 PM GMT as she unravels each candidate’s policies, and how current polls could move the markets in the days leading to the election. Also stay for a comprehensive strategy development in case of a Trump, or a Hillary victory.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Trump’s and Clinton’s political program and its impact on global economy;
  • Debates & Polls: credibility criteria – what should trader know?
  • Strategy development for each elections scenario.

Book your FREE seat now to get the most current information on Presidential Elections.



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