6 Continuation Patterns Every Trader Should Know

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6 Continuation Patterns Every Trader Should Know

Technical analysis is all about identifying trends.

The most mysterious times of all are those “calm before the storm” situations that end up being a mere pause in the current trend.

Successful traders can identify these occasions AKA continuation patterns and take advantage of a continuing trend.

Register today to get a detailed tour on the following chart patterns:

1) Symmetrical Triangle

2) Ascending Triangle

3) Descending Triangle

4) Rectangle

5) Falling Wedge

6) Rising Wedge

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We record all the webinars, so if you feel you’ve missed something, you’d like to brush up on what you’ve learnt or you missed the webinar altogether, you can come back here and check it out after the webinar has ended.

If you have suggestions on the subjects on which you’d like us to host webinars, let us know at the end of every webinar or alternatively send us a message at support@orbex.com

About Kiana Danial

Kiana Danial is a former Electrical Engineer, published author and founder of Invest Diva, who started trading FX in Japan many years ago. Together with her highly trained team of analysts, Invest Diva’s market updates provide a complete 360 degree technical analysis, presented in simple and easy-to-understand formats for all traders.


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