Trading Tips

Expert advisors

Traders may or may not agree that using an automated trading strategy will improve your trading results. But one cannot ignore the fact that an […]

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is a renowned stock investor. He was the manager of the Magellan Fund at Fidelity Investments, where he shot to fame after averaging […]

Trading routine

As humans, we tend to perform our best when we have a well laid out routine. Chaos is something that most of us by human […]

Trading psychology

In this weekly segment I am going to bring to you my Top Ten of everything trading related; from trading myths, trading mistakes, trading books, […]

Gold technical analysis

While traders tend to focus more on trading strategies for gold, the trade specifications which are actually very important are often given least priority. In […]


Investing is often at the bottom of most people’s priorities, as there are far more pressing needs to worry about. For some people, figuring out […]

Hell’s Kitchen, one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s many reality TV shows is quite an entertaining show to watch. Chefs face off to win a grand […]

Diversify your risk for more stable returns

Diversification is typically an important part of a prudent portfolio manager’s strategy, which basically implies that they avoid putting all of their eggs into one […]

84. Be sure you can focus on your trading when you are doing it

The forex market trades very actively at certain times, especially after the release of major economic data, and so it can easily move a big […]

Forex Market Like A Rubber

An important characteristic of financial markets — like the forex market — is that they tend to move in one direction, and then correct at […]