Trading Tips

Psychological Challenges of Trading

Trading can be an extremely challenging endeavour. While many traders believe that the key to success simply lies in finding a profitable system and applying […]


Introducing: Parabolic SAR The Parabolic SAR indicator is a momentum indicator. While the majority of momentum indicators are found in sub panels below our price […]

improve your trading skills

Want to improve your trading skills? It’s that time of the year when resolutions are perhaps something everyone makes, regardless of whether they acknowledge it […]

Market news

The internet is awash with various trading websites that entice traders to join up, often for a subscription to learn more about trading. However, traders […]

Expert advisors

Traders may or may not agree that using an automated trading strategy will improve your trading results. But one cannot ignore the fact that an […]

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is a renowned stock investor. He was the manager of the Magellan Fund at Fidelity Investments, where he shot to fame after averaging […]

Trading routine

As humans, we tend to perform our best when we have a well laid out routine. Chaos is something that most of us by human […]

Trading psychology

In this weekly segment I am going to bring to you my Top Ten of everything trading related; from trading myths, trading mistakes, trading books, […]

Gold technical analysis

While traders tend to focus more on trading strategies for gold, the trade specifications which are actually very important are often given least priority. In […]


Investing is often at the bottom of most people’s priorities, as there are far more pressing needs to worry about. For some people, figuring out […]