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Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The German DAX has continued to post steady trend in the past few weeks. Despite the mixed reaction to the German elections in late September, […]

Oct 12

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FDP flags

All Quiet on The German Front The German elections are just two weeks away now and so far, aside from a few personal attacks on […]

Sep 13

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After two weeks of a choppy trading in most of the global equities, due to the global geopolitical tensions, some of these indices tried to […]

Aug 25

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Could today be such a day? I have been monitoring the US indices for quite some time now.  I am in no way trying to […]

Aug 18

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A few days ago, fears were across the board; tensions were rising (and still rising) between the US and North Korea and so far, there […]

Aug 15

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For the past few weeks, things were calm in the Chinese economy, with only a few economic releases. However, this week, we will be waiting […]

Aug 07

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US Dollar Bill

Another week has passed, and the US Dollar continues to lose ground, despite the fact that there were some positive economic releases at the end […]

Jul 31

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Euro Dollar_Technical outlook

Despite the recent remarks by many of the Federal Reserve members last week, the US Dollar failed once again to sustain any gains across the […]

Jul 12

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FTSE, Indices

In the past few hours, global equities saw tough sessions, whether in Europe, Asia, or the US. Most of the indices saw a decline of […]

Jun 30

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Despite the fact that global equities have been declining a little bit since the announcement of Barclays scandal with Qatar, global equities are still near […]

Jun 21

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