Trading Strategies

Trading tips: Trail Your Stops

Move your stop loss buy level progressively lower if you were running a profitable short position in a currency pair.

Don’t take larger positions until you can afford to

You need to make sure that the risks you take in forex are suitable for the amount of money you have deposited as margin with your forex broker.

Forex Tip - Success Breeds Success

Try to trade when you feel confident about choosing a winner, and avoid entering a trade when feeling tentative or uncertain about its probability of success.

For novice traders, spending some time and money participating in a quality forex trading educational program before they move from a forex demo account to […]

Withdraw some of your profits One of the best ways to assure that your successful forex trading business stays that way is to periodically remove […]

Novice forex traders will often make the error of ramping up their trading size too quickly once they gain confidence after a few good trades. […]

Think again and count to ten before entering a trade For the best chances of success, forex trading should be performed only after engaging in […]