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Nour Eldeen Al-Hammoury has more than ten years of experience in focusing on foreign exchange and global economic developments, as well as central bank policies and intermarket analysis (global markets relationships). Nour Eldeen is a regular on many major TV networks (several times each) such as: BBC Radio, BBC World News, Al-Jazeera, Al-Hurra TV CNBC Europe, CNBC Asia, CNBC Arabia, Al Arabiya, Bloomberg, Russia Today, Dubai TV, Sama Dubai, Skynews Arabia, Qatar TV and Future TV News. نور الدين الحموري لديه اكثر من 10 سنوات من الخبرة في اسواق العملات حيث عمل في العديد من المؤسسات المالية كمحلل لأسواق العملات والاسهم والسندات وغيرها كما تميز بالتركيز ايضاً على تطورات الاقتصاد العالمي, بالاضافة الى قرارات البنوك المركزية وتحليل الاسواق بصورة مشتركة ايضاً (علاقات الاسواق العالمية مع بعضها(.شارك نور الدين في العديد من المؤتمرات والندوات التعليمية في مختلف دول العالم, كما توقع ايضا الازمة المالية العالمية السابقة للعام 2007 قبل حدوثها بفترة ولطالما حذر منها. يستعمل نور الدين انواع كثيرة من التحليل وأهمها تحليل الاسواق بصورة مشتركة وهو ما يعني دمج التحليل التقني والتحليل الاساسي (الاخباري والاقتصادي) معاً مع الارقام الاقتصادية العالمية مع بعضها بعض. نور الدين ضيف دائم في العديد من القنوات الفضائية بشكل يومي تقريبا مثل راديو BBC , قناة BBC World News ,قناة الجزيرة القطرية, قناة CNBC الاوروبية و CNBC العربية, قناة العربية للاخبار ,قناة Bloomberg الامريكية وقناة سكاي نيوز العربية وغيرها.


Forget Eco Data, North Korea Is Leading The Market

A few weeks ago, we thought that the geopolitical tensions have finally eased after North Korea announced its decision to delay the attack on the […]

Sep 04 2017

NFP Won’t Change The Fed’s September Decision

Many traders believe that today is a big day, and it will actually give them some clues about September Federal Reserve decision on whether to […]

Sep 01 2017

Euro Drops Below 1.20. Does Italy Need a Parallel Currency?

Let’s start with the Euro today and then, you might want to read about Italy’s possible innovation, which can be the next big thing in […]

Aug 31 2017

Crude Oil Declines Despite Harvey & Falling Inventories

The main question everyone asks nowadays is why are crude oil prices falling? Many traders are asking the same question over and over again, and […]

Aug 30 2017

Germany Accelerates Gold Repatriation Ahead of Federal Election

Disturbing news are coming (again!) from North Korea, and that brings back the fears of the nuclear war. North Korea launched another ballistic rocket, which […]

Aug 29 2017

Is It Time For Gold To Break $1300 Barrier?

Gold has been testing the 1300 barrier since the beginning of this year, with no clear break above that resistance so far. And now is […]

Aug 28 2017

Nikkei 225, FTSE100, and S&P500: Is the Downside Correction Over?

After two weeks of a choppy trading in most of the global equities, due to the global geopolitical tensions, some of these indices tried to […]

Aug 25 2017

USD Consolidation Around Support Level, Retracement Next?

After five months of consecutive declines, reaching the lowest level since April of last year around 92.50’s, the US Dollar has been trading within a […]

Aug 24 2017

OPEC To Decide On Ending or Extending Production Cuts in November

Last week, Crude Oil tumbled despite the huge decline in the US Crude Oil Inventories, which posted the biggest weekly decline since September of last […]

Aug 23 2017

Precious Metals: Where Is Gold Headed Next?

Precious metals have been rising for the past few weeks on the back of multiple factors, including a notable rise in the geopolitical tensions around […]

Aug 22 2017