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I am a psychologist and psychotherapist with more than 10 years experience in providing therapeutic services and almost 6 years experience in trading Forex. The importance of psychology in Forex trading has inspired me to create, a website dedicated to helping traders to improve their performance via mastering their mental and emotional state. The views presented on the website are strongly influenced by Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), a powerful therapeutic approach that combines acceptance, mindfulness and behaviour change strategies.


How Your Trading Values Are Essential To Maintain Discipline

It’s been said that trading discipline is extremely important for traders and that without it, success isn’t really feasible. But what is really meant by […]

Jun 29

The Struggle for Emotional Control In Trading Is Futile

When it comes to trading, the general consensus is that we should be able to control our emotions in order to succeed. We shouldn’t be […]

Feb 24

The Psychology Of Losing Streaks and How To Overcome Them

In trading, consecutive losses are very common and some traders do not take it at heart. Instead, they try to make the best out of […]

Feb 11