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How to trade Dollar crosses ahead of the NFP Report?

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Event Date: 2017-05-29 15:00PM

The June Job report is unnerving investors as uncertainty around the possible Fed rate hike dramatically increases.

Our experts have been working hard and prepared an extensive FREE webinar covering all the major financial aspects of the US Jobs report.

Discover how to take advantage of high volatility levels with senior business analyst at Sky News Arabia, Nour Al-Hammoury, who is going to provide you with a simple, yet effective way to trade USD crosses.

Webinar key takeaways:

  • What is the NFP report and how market usually reacts to this data release?
  • Major banks’ expectations on the June NFP report;
  • How to use the opportunities that volatility provides to traders?
  • Tips on how to trade USD crosses and be prepared for any market situation.

Attend our FREE webinar on May 29th at 3 PM GMT and gain valuable insights on the latest market trends!




Nour Eldeen Al-Hammoury

Nour Eldeen Al-Hammoury has more than ten years of experience in focusing on foreign exchange and global economic developments, as well as central bank policies and intermarket analysis (global markets relationships). Nour Eldeen is a regular on many major TV networks (several times each) such as: BBC Radio, BBC World News, Al-Jazeera, Al-Hurra TV CNBC Europe, CNBC Asia, CNBC Arabia, Al Arabiya, Bloomberg, Russia Today, Dubai TV, Sama Dubai, Skynews Arabia, Qatar TV and Future TV News.

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