EURUSD 2016-04-29

Apr 29, 2:34 pm



Market managed to break above resistance zone 1.1350-60 which activated uptrend movement that may target 1.1495 over the short-run

we advised before that any break above 1.1350-60 may set market on uptrend wave that may target 1.1495

market now facing support trend around 1.1340-50 zone where as long as market holding above this zone the uptrend will sustain toward 1.1495

below 1.1340 market may head for some drop correction toward 1.1240-60 before continue the uptrend toward 1.1495

risk below 1.1220

Level 11.1340-501.1435
Level 21.1240-601.1495
Level 31.12201.1550
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